• Effective Use of Anaesthesia during Paediatric Dental Treatment

    People, especially children going for dental treatment, need to be assessed thoroughly before operating in order to determine the state of anxiety and level of pain and to effectively manage them. According to experts, dental treatment is a common reason for administering anesthesia to kids. There are different types of dental treatment that can include removal or extraction of teeth, restoration of tooth/teeth, or scaling in order to abscond from the pain of the periodontal issues. Read More
  • Pediatric Dentistry - An Important Step towards the Oral Health of Children

    As far as the health of the primary teeth of your children is concerned the best time to start taking care is always as soon as you can. You should take your baby to a pediatric dental office in north Jacksonville as soon as you are able to do so. With proper pediatric dental care, you can make sure that the primary teeth of your child stay healthy at all times. This way you can also ensure that they are not affected by dental diseases such as decay. Read More
  • The Impact of Sugar on Children’s Oral Health

    The fondness for everything sugary is quite common among kids. Come to think of our childhood! Parents at large were preoccupied with keeping us from candies, donuts, and chocolates. While occasional indulgences were entertained, sugar was strictly excluded from our regular diet. We had heard our dentists say that sugar causes bacteria. Our elders opined that it’s harmful to our oral health. Today in the course of the post, we’ll take a more detailed look at ways in which sugar actually harms kids’ oral health. Read More
  • How Often Should Children Have Dental Checkups?

    The first occasion when you should take your child to the best pediatric dental office in West Jacksonville is when her or his first teeth come out. This normally happens from the first birthday itself. But, if the teeth have not appeared by the first birthday then too you should take her or him to the dentist. Now the important question here is how often you need to repeat such visits. Do you have to do it every 6 months or would once a year be enough? Ideally, you should do it once in 6 months. This may seem like it is a lot. Read More
  • Never Skip These Oral Health Practices

    Remember when your mother used to say not to eat too many sweets otherwise your tooth would go bad? Well no matter how much of a mood spoiler it is, it is actually pretty true. But not only sweets, any food article if not completely removed from our mouth will not only get deposited in our tooth and cause problems like tooth ache and cavities but also cause other problems like bleeding gums, gingivitis, bad odor and many more problems. Read More
  • Effective Oral Hygiene Habits for Children

    As a clinic of Pediatric Dentistry in West Jacksonville, our staff regularly treats patients with issues that could have been completely prevented by maintaining proper oral hygiene. While this is something quite prevalent even in adult patients, children are especially susceptible to these preventable conditions.
    The environment and the microbes present in it start acting on a child’s teeth the moment it starts erupting. Be it caries, plaque or outright tooth injury. Children are susceptible to these. But as mentioned earlier, all these can be prevented with good oral hygiene. Read More
  • 4 Top Reason Why People Have a Fear of Dentist And How to Find a Good Dentist

    Numerous people are afraid of seeing a dentist. Even if dentists use advanced dental procedures and technologies now, most people can do anything to avoid a dental check up. So, why do people fear dentists despite knowing that only them can restore their smiles and take away the pain? If you are searching for the best south Jacksonville dentistry Jacksonville FL but you are full of fear, you are not alone. Several other people are just like you and it is time to learn the source of this fear. Why do so many people have a fear of a dental professional? Read More
  • Treatment Provided By An Expert Children Dentist

    A pediatric dental doctor is a professional who is well-educated and trained to handle children. He or she is approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the ADA (American Dental Association) and is a qualified dental specialist. A good pediatric dental office in North Jacksonville has kids’ dentists who are knowledgeable and skilled enough to offer comprehensive dentistry. This includes restorative, preventive, orthodontics, geriatric, periodontics, oral surgery and general dentistry and so on. Read More
  • How to Ease Your Child Anxiety for Visiting a Pediatric Dentist

    Anxiety is a common phenomenon in any human being. It can vary according to situations and through different stages in life. The reasons for anxiety can be from silly for children to serious permanent ones for adults. In either case, the methods and treatment to improve and stabilize it are essential for good health in the individual. Anxiety commonly happens when one individual is faced with an unexpected or an uncomfortable situation. For children, the reasons for anxiety can vary. It can arise due to fear from exams, tests or even going to school. Read More
  • Consult Pediatric Dentist for Oral Health of Your Child

    Just 20 in number, but your baby's teeth are bound to be infected soon if you forget to take care of them. Kids generally have temporary teeth which are very few in numbers, but they are also the ones which are easily prone to infections. This is mainly because of them not learning to brush properly at a young age. Eating a lot of sweets and going after sugar may be the sole purpose of your baby's life but on the other side, as a parent, it’s something which you should be concerned about. So, what is the solution? Read More
  • Pediatric Dentistry is The Must Have Thing For a Healthy Smiles of Child

    Pediatric dentistry deals with kid’s dental problems. It consists of highly trained dentists who specialize only on oral issues affecting little children. They help retain healthier and prettier smiles right through a child’s early life and teenage years. A dental practice that is highly recognized by the American Dental Association, pediatric dentistry is offered by dentists who have completed four years of training in a dental school and extra two to three years of focused residency training at a recognized facility. Read More
  • Your Brief Guide To The World Of The Pediatric Dentistry

    Our well-being is something that needs a lot of care and dedication in order to maintain it. This is even more so the case when it comes to children. Given their age and still limited maturity, they are prone to disease and injury. In this case, we want to focus on one particular aspect of children’s health which is dental care. Read More
  • All you need to know about pediatric dentist Jacksonville

    The pediatric dentist Jacksonville is trained in dentistry and specializes in operating on children with their parents by their side. The best pediatric dental office in Jacksonville take care of children irrespective of their ages and believe in putting up a beautiful smile on the infant faces ranging up to their teen stage. Read More
  • Emphasizing on the services for children's dentist Jacksonville FL

    The west Jacksonville pediatric dental offices provide a warm welcome to all the children and parents who come in to get a beautiful smile on the child's face. The children's dentist Jacksonville FL aims at clients on a primary basis and serves each of them with the utmost priority. Read More
  • 4 tips to keep your kids’ teeth healthy and clean

    Every parent wants the best for their children and good dental health is no exception. At our North Jacksonville pediatric dental office, we help children achieve and maintain good dental health, something that will benefit them well into their adult years. Read More
  • Tips to help you get ready to bring your child to their first dental appointment

    From a very young age, children need to get into the habit of practicing good oral hygiene. At Setzer, Cochran, Soares and Hubbard, the premium pediatric dentistry in North Jacksonville, we believe that the first visit to the dentist is the most important for every child. Read More
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